Name: Karina Karunwi

Karina Karunwi2

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Civil Engineering Student, Photographer, Creative Enthusiast.

Karina Karunwi1

Self-Taught or Studied: Self-Taught

Source of Inspiration: I’m generally a very visual person so I would say my main sources of inspiration are found in what I see. I’m one of those who enjoys wandering around galleries on their own and this has opened my eyes to various forms of creating-it reminds me not to limit myself. Not to stay in a box. Other artists inspire me to branch out and try it all. I also people watch quite a bit and as strange as it sounds, behaviours and mannerisms contribute as my sources of inspiration.

All that said, if I had to say my major source of inspiration I would definitely say nature. It all goes back to the plants and creatures! Colour is a major part of my work and I find all the inspiration I need in that aspect outdoors. There’s so much to observe around us, as long as we keep our eyes open. My surroundings more than often ignite ideas for what to work with next. Colours, textures, patterns-all from nature. God is truly the greatest artist.

Best thing about doing what I do: Art is meant to make you feel something. The best thing about doing what I do is that it is able to make people, myself included, feel.

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