Everybody wants to be healthy. And, whilst wellness is indeed a lifetime journey, there are a couple of things we can start doing to help facilitate our progress. Here are some wellness hacks that take into consideration what it’s like living in Lagos. You’ll find these particularly handy as the holiday period is now over and after all that indulging, you’ll probably want to get back to your health goals.


Some water brands use harsh chemicals to treat their water and some of those chemicals remain in the water, which you then drink. Try drinking water from brands that source their water from a natural spring, like Ragolis or Ashton Wells or from brands who are conscientious about their water treatment process.


Maybe we don’t have enough guidelines stipulating exactly what organic produce is but we also don’t have enough regulations on fertilisers. So you are better off eating organic produce. Look out for, and buy produce from trustworthy sources.


Breakfast is the powerhouse of all meals. It’s the most important, because it gives you the energy to get through the day and it gets your metabolism going. Having breakfast is particularly important here, because Lagos is so hectic the day can get away from you, which can leave you burnt out by the end of the day or even by lunch. It’s also probably the only 10 minutes of peace you’ll have to your self during the day, which will help focus your mind for the day’s activities.


Living in a fast-paced city is fun and exciting but it can also be stressful. Exercise is a great stress buster and will also help you keep your body healthy. So try and exercise for at least 30mins 3-4x a week, even if all you can manage is to go for a walk.


Too much salt in one’s diet can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks, bloated and puffy looking skin. Adults are supposed to consume about 6grams of salt (about a teaspoon of salt). If you are eating more than this cut down by eating less processed foods and using salt free and natural seasonings.


It’s likely that when living in lagos one is eating too many carbs, and most likely in the form of white rice. Whilst carbs can be good for your health and supplying you brain and body with adequate energy, too many carbs, especially the wrong type of carbs,  can result in sluggishness and weight gain. Cut down on carbs by making sure you are eating the right portions for yourself and that you are eating the right type of carbs, more complex carbs like brown rice will leave you filling fuller and stop you from reaching for more.


Toxins are everywhere from the plastics in the bottles to the generator/car exhaust fumes in the air. Even though these toxins aren’t immediately harmful they can reside in the body and over a long time disrupt hormones and cause illness. Taking a green powder such as wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, or moringa will help remove some of these toxins from your blood, protecting you from any illnesses in the long run whilst keeping you healthy in the now.


If you are eating right, one doesn’t necessarily need to take supplements such as multivitamins, but everybody is different and some of us need more support with our diet/bodies than others. Living in Lagos means that sometimes our schedules are too busy so we aren’t eating well enough or, like some people find, we don’t have enough variation in our diets. Taking a multivitamin regularly will make sure you are covering all bases, and getting all the vitamins you need for healthy body.

Image by @deniartt.