Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week standout Style Temple has released the lookbook for its lauded “IT” SS17 collection. The designer sought inspiration from a flower that blossoms at its peak and from the world’s IT-girls.

A lot of relatively new ideas are infused into the pieces. More structured looks are accentuated with lots of fringe and tassels for movement while other looks are softened with floral appliqués. The floral appliqués, at first, seem to be an idea drawn from Stephane Rolland’s 2013 Spring Couture collection. While this would normally cause a raised brow, the way the designer makes use of the technique shows at least some level of thought that departs from simple copy and paste. The appliqués are also used in a more contemporary way to elevate simple jumpsuits and dresses and juxtapose sharp slits.

Here are our top 6 looks from the collection.

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