It’s rainy season in Lagos and curling up in bed watching Netflix (preferably with the bae) sounds like a really good idea. Well, we’ve got the perfect companion for this ‘weather for two’ – a cheeky little recipe that will leave you feeling really, really good. The folks at Jooci created this Spicy Watermelon Juice with 7 of the sexiest ingredients that will naturally enhance and stimulate your mind, body and soul.

The 7 Ingredients & 7 Reasons why you have to use this recipe

Watermelon – Because it triggers arginine – the viagra chemical that causes blood to flow and libidos to pump! (We know your secret Beyonce!)

Pineapple – It’s high in manganese, which is central to production of ventrogen, a hormone that is key to a female sexual response!

Honey – It’s rich in compounds, including Vitamin B and Boron, that help process sexual hormones

Ginseng – This has been used for centuries by the Chinese to increase stamina and desire

Ginger – Increases your heart rate and perspiration and gets your blood flowing to your extremities

Chilli – Activates pleasure receptors in the brain and releases endorphins that can make you feel energised, hot and bothered

Berries & Lemon – Because of their high vitamin C and anti-oxidant content, these final ingredients keep the entire body (sexual glands included) running smoothly and ready to go!

Add a splash of gin if you want more of a kick – it’s the weekend! Live a little. Happy watching!



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