Words by Vanessa Iloenyosi.

I’m sure by now everyone has heard or read about the drama surrounding Jhene Aiko and rapper, Big Sean. Having filed for divorce after 11 months of marriage to her estranged husband, Dot Da Genius, Jhene left the public confused about what was going on.

With very little to no real information as to what exactly went wrong, a lot of people speculated that her infidelities were to blame for the end of her marriage. She on the other hand alludes to having a different side to share but hasn’t yet.

Not to be judgemental but I’m not sure what she expected when she took to wearing those (let’s be honest) ugly t-shirts with his face all over it, and their very public display of affection on social media. People tend to clutch at the straws made available to them to piece together a whole story, so why be so shocked at the current outcome? Conversely, however, who is the public to judge her? She could be doing what may have been best for her–albeit not in the best manner–if the contractual terms AKA vows of the marriage had not been met.

Back in the day, the world would have gone up in flames and been wiped clean if a woman dared take on a new lover while still sitting pretty in her matrimonial home. Matter of fact, divorce as a whole was a concept that was frowned upon. Women were left with the burden of “making the marriage work” regardless of what manner of disrespect had been cooked up by her husband. I would often hear “divorce is a disgrace” being thrown around by my mother’s disgruntled and very bitter friends as a child and I grew up wondering what cocktail of drugs a woman would have to take to convince herself that such a statement was valid and true.

Alas, the enlightenment that feminism brings now allows women to be more aware, a lot less docile and passive. More women are no longer happy to lie in a bed full of disrespect just to put up a farce to satisfy ‘what people will think’. Now, we live in an era of divorce parties, one-night stands and rebound sex to bounce on to the next ex. More women now take charge and scream “f*** this” to the world and please themselves in whatever manner they deem fit.

So the question now is, was she wrong to start flexing while still legally married? Or did she have every right to do whatever she wanted if her husband had in fact been disrespectful to her and picked up a craving for class A drugs, philandering and groupie treats at the expense of her happiness?

What thinks you guys?