Ever-evolving and perpetually defying convention, the Awe-Dacious Temi Dollface is back with her New Single “School Your Face” off the hotly anticipated Debut LP from Nigeria’s leaders of the New School, The Collectiv3, a creative movement of like-minded individuals who’s goal is to create art without boundaries. In conjunction, she has given The Style HQ exclusive images from her self-styled photoshoot shot by Designer Maki Oh. The aesthetic of these images nicely dovetail with the subject matter of the song

“Outsmarting one’s heart down to an art by showing the opposite of what you actually feel, when in the throws of rampaging lust/love”

Temi is one of the most unique artists in the industry at the moment and her approach to her craft is unparalleled. Constantly evolving and finding new ways to excite and inspire, Temi finds innovative ways to marry her passion for the arts as a whole. A delicate mix of special musical ability and a wicked sense of style, she’s the complete package, albeit an alternative one. The shoot was born out of Temi‘s love of dolls of different origins and their perfect “schooled face” expressions.

“We thought we’d channel dolls such as the japanese momiji, russian, barbie but with a TDF spin. Think plastic, porcelain, blank stares. “

Take an exclusive look at the amazing photos from the shoot below and listen to snippets from the new Collectiv3 LP.