When the beauty project kicked off last year, we discovered a beauty narrative that was beyond the glossed-to-perfection selfie loving digital age we live in. Our aim was not to challenge the finished look of beauty but to engage in a dialogue that promotes its nuances. Like lips while they’re being smacked in between kleenex, or eyelashes that pop naturally, or hair that’s beautiful with or without shrinkage. Our beauty project is about everyone showing us what’s unique about them, rather than showcasing people we idealize for being unique. The part where we get to say what we love about ourselves, beyond the quick célfie snap.
With the beautiful Lagos skies as our backdrop, our interview and shoot with Creative Director of effervescent fashion label – Iamisigo, was magically captured by Photographer – @marc.ng

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On what she loves most

My shoulders! especially when I wear sleeveless looks, I look smaller than I actually am. My bags underneath my eyes. Also, I like that my body can easily stretch out and stretch back into itself, making me fit into really tiny spaces if need be. My body is disciplined and in tune with my crazy state of mind, my diet habits and work schedule, even when i go days without eating full meals, its good to know i don’t just break out or break down, because i feel like my body and myself have a unique pattern of understanding and responding to each other. I am naturally reserved and conservative however over the course of my professional/personal encounters certain situations or occasions ask for me to be over the top and loud and my body is right there with me! Its a beautiful thing

Bubu Ogisi- The StyleHQ

On her beauty regime
I drink 3 liters of water every day, I don’t eat after 5pm, I shower 3 times a day, I don’t wear any make up during the week.
Since I gave birth I haven’t used anything other than almond oil or Shea butter on my skin. I find them to be extremely nourishing and moisturising and also has helped with stretched out skin and marks that comes with having a baby. I am not a big fan of big labels and expensive products, my skin has thrived on more natural things and thank heavens they are pocket friendly. When im in Ghana I pick up a local cream called Sefas it’s my secret go to for black heads and bright and clear skin. Use it in the night and by morning you are glowing all for 2 Cedis! I love it.

Bubu Ogisi- TheStyleHQ

On the subject of beauty
Selflessness truly sums up the meaning of beauty. To me beauty is more of a spiritual state of mind – a state when you don’t care how you look, you care about making other people feel better about themselves. I mean if you can take out that time from yourself to appreciate how other people feel about themselves then you are the one that is actually beautiful because you are making other people feel better.
Bubu Ogisi - TheStyleHQ