Where is it?

Burger and Relish is located in the heart of Accra at OSU. Corner 14th Lane and Dadebu St. The second location is in East Legon in A&C Mall.

Where should I sit?

You have the option to sit outside, inside in their comfortable booth tables, or at other various areas inside the restaurant. If you want to use the wifi, it is best to sit at a booth.

Do they only have burgers? What is the food like?

No!!! Burger and Relish has a variety of food and different snacks to try. From fried pickles to jollof rice balls, and even churros. But since it is mainly a burger joint, you will find a variety of different types of yummy burgers there.

Their cheesy mac-n-cheese is a favorite.

This burger is called The Boss and it’s a double decker patty with deep fried pickles, bacon and cheddar.

How about drinks?

You will be able to find normal cocktails and a fully stocked bar.


Burgers start at 35 Cedi and up

Appetizers- 12 Cedi and up

cocktails- start at 19 Cedi

Overall thoughts ?

One of a kind!

Burgers and Relish is a lively new place in Osu and East Legon with amazing food. It’s the first gourmet Burger place of its kind in Accra.

Who should I go with?
If you are alone, on a date, or with a group of friends it’s definitely worth stopping by and checking out.