If you’ve been sleeping under a rock then maybe you haven’t heard of Yagazie Emezi. The gorgeous visual curator has developed an impressive following over the years throughout the diaspora for her witty cartoons, curations and effortless sense of style (yes, her hair is the cherry on top of everything in life). We caught up with her for our latest edition of Street Style on her personal style, the move back to Nigeria and what it feels like to be ‘internet famous’/someone that people fall in love with at first like.

Yagazie: “I would describe my style as comfortable and minimal. And if it’s not minimal, you can bet that I’m uncomfortable! I’m drawn to loose clothing, I enjoy being able to move freely. I try not to limit myself by creating a ‘look’ that I could be recognized by. One minute I’m in all black and the next, I’m wearing a sundress. Other days, I look like a bum. Perhaps my style is nothing at all.”