I did a tour of the museums, got in for free a few times because of youth passes (how I miss being under-26 years old!) and sometimes because frankly, I think the admission guys just felt sorry for me! I will never forget the experience. I will never forget navigating my way by bus to an open-air cinema festival and enjoying “Plein Soleil”. I can’t forget running for the last train having only discovered at the very last minute that my grand plan to get a night bus back to my hotel had a slight snag – there were no night buses in that area! I won’t forget my little shopping tour of Pigalle and Montmatre and huffing and puffing my way up the stairs of Sacre-Coeur.

I can’t forget walking along the Seine, having my own movie moment. I will never forget my discovery of the Marais district, which honestly is now my home away from home in Paris. I won’t forget just how much fun it is and could be had getting lost in Paris on your own. I won’t forget having an hour long chinwag with my mom at a payphone at Les Invalides (pre-iPhone and facetime days), watching Parisian life go by and gisting with my mom in Nigeria. I spent a bomb on that payphone, but I had a really good time. It was great having that connection; it just picked me up and my mom encouraged me to make the most of the city whilst I was there. She was like “you need to go to this place so you can do a little bit of shopping and make sure you go this other place so you can see some nice things”.

I won’t lie, solo travel can be hard sometimes – you may feel lonely and sometimes awkward when visiting restaurants on your own, booking yourself on a tour or during general sightseeing and looking for someone to take a photo of you at the sights. Solo travel is not for everyone but it’s at least worth having one experience of it to make that definitive decision whether it’s for you or not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you don’t want to travel solo. However, if you embrace it, you open yourself up to so many, endless opportunities and all of a sudden, nothing can hold you back other than time and money. It means you are in full control of your life, your movement, your time and most importantly how and where you spend it.