Get the scoop from foodie and writer, Nicole Asinugo, as she gives an inside guide into the best restaurants, bars and recipes from across Africa.


There is something about eating out at a nice restaurant. You get to dress up, leave the house, sit in a nice place (often times nicer than your home) and let people serve you. Good wine and really really good food makes it all worth it. You pay the bill without a grudge because the restaurant or bar helped you forget the world for a few hours and that’s why people leave the comfort of their fridges and kitchens to go out and eat.


However, eating out, especially in Lagos is not always such the idyllic scenario. If it’s not having most of the ingredients on the menu, to totally recreating a version of something on the menu that has no bearings on the original recipe (I once had fish served in my apple pie. This is no lie) to disappointing presentation skills or a general lack of ambiance and character– there are a slew of reasons why people sometimes choose not to eat out because their experiences are mediocre, if even.