Lagos, also known as Las Gidi or in its traditional format “Eko” is a city evolved quickly since its contact with the Portuguese and British. It is a pride for not just Lagosians but Nigerians as a whole to see the city develop in this manner as given where it came from, one would not expect it. The city is the foremost commercial capital of the Federal Republic, and holds a lot of opportunities for a lot of the Nation’s population, given that it is the commercial capital of Nigeria.

Following are some photos depicting postcards from the former “Lago De Curamo” as named by the Portuguese.

Side view of the Christ Church Cathedral, Marina at its best, as always whenever captured.

Behold, Lisa Lodge, a great edifice of colonial architecture which is now sadly in ground zero.

There’s always something to look out for in the historical “Lago De Curamo”, buildings of burnt bricks just like the Old Broad Street Prison, which now serves as the Freedom Park.

Take a break from the traffic it’s raddled with, or the workload at workplace and admire the recently mounted oil rig.

Street view.

An Afro-Brazilian structure standing till date in the heart of what was the haven for Afro-Brazilian returnee slaves, Campos Square littered with more of these structures.

Tafawa Balewa Square, a ceremonial ground originally called Race Course, was constructed in 1972. Take the city-wide BRT from any location accessible to it and drop at the last bus stop to catch a glimpse of the white horses, red eagles and Eyo masquerades which welcome you to the square.