Today on the HQ, we are taking a moment to appreciate the creatives whose immense talents have taken them from Nigeria to the world. The creatives who started off their careers in Nigeria and were able to break cultural, social and other barriers that have stifled many others’ dreams from coming to fruition. They are now recognised internationally and serve as a great representation of our nation’s growing industry. Here is our list of Nigeria’s top fashion exports


Amaka Osakwe


Maki Oh is somewhat of a gilded national treasure for us. The brand has grown organically with Amaka Osakwe–its founder–at the helm. Her pieces are feminine but have a soft edge that can’t be missed. She’s one of the new age designers who have led Nigerian fashion to world stage with global insiders raving about her work and its consistency season to season. We await her SS17 collection with bated breath to see what she will offer this season.

Learn more about Amaka Osakwe here.