What is your business model like – is it strictly made-to-order, or mass production or more tilt at bespoke orders?

Actually, everything is mass produced. Mass production is the key, not made to order. I tend to shy away from made-to-order pieces, but I still indulge in it for some specific clients.

Formed using locally-sourced, reclaimed lumber and steel, the Kofe Club Collection encapsulates a set of furnishings and fixtures specifically developed for urban consumers in Nigeria. Motivated by the Nigerian government’s ban on furniture imports, the collection explores the small-scale manufacturing capabilities available in Nigeria. In particular, the collection investigates the limitations of the available resources and production facilities, and reevaluates these limitations through design. With affordability and sustainability at the heart of its ethos, the Kofe Club Collection attempts to demonstrate the positive potential for a uniquely Nigerian perspective on furniture design. Client:Kofe Club / @cocadesigns Manufacturer: ADISA #furnituredesign #design #lagos #nigeria

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A lot of people do product designing in the world today, but not many people are product designers in Nigeria. If you had a chance to dabble in another craft, would it be product design all over again?

Directing films. I would be a film director. I think there’s just so much in making films. There’s so much power in telling stories, and for the fact that you have to fill emotions, and carry people along makes it prestigious. I really admire good film directors. My favorite film director is Woody Allen

Apart from sketching, designing and visiting artistic sites, how does Nifemi Marcus-Bello relax?

Definitely: Netflix and Chill.

Aspiring product designers, industrial designers and people trying to carve their own niche, what advice would you give them?

Keep grinding and keep solving problems.

What’s next for you?

To be honest I don’t think too much about the future, but I’m launching a majority of my products in the market by May, like I mentioned, and I’m also speaking to couple of people alongside my business partner, and we hope to launch a design studio by the end of this year.