Your most outstanding work and mostly featured is the Tebur (a table carried like a suitcase) what inspired the creation of that and what was the production process like

So I basically got a brief of a bunch of people, who said they had issues with buying tables and the transportation system. I realised after going to every furniture showroom in Nigeria, that they were no affordable flat pack tables and the reason I was getting approached to design tables a lot was a result of the rise in entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who were working from home, and also wanted to be mobile with their desks and work irrespective of the space. I thought to myself that this was actually a challenge, How can people walk into a space, get a table that they like, walk out, go home and set it up – that was a huge problem. So the idea then was to see the habits and the transportation systems available in Nigeria, and take that into consideration, do research on the manufacturing possibilities and design around all of that.

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So to design the Tebur in terms of time frame, takes about?

For my first piece, the design process started in August 2015, and then till January 2016. So to design the table takes about 6 months.

Your products are well crafted, especially the Tebur so what its price range?

The price for the Tebur isn’t out yet, but we’re looking to launch May this year, and we’re trying to make it as affordable as possible. Owing to the increase in foreign exchange, the price of some raw materials have doubled, so we’re back at the drawing table asking ourselves ‘What’s the best way to bring out this product’.

How environmental friendly your products in general?

We try to keep our products as environmentally friendly as possible, sometimes we use reclaimed wood for the legs of the Tebur, depending on the quality of the reclaimed wood, and we also let customers know when we use reclaimed wood and brand new wood. What we also find is, because the quality of wood in Nigeria isn’t fantastic, sometimes reclaimed wood has a longer lasting life span in comparison to new wood.