Who is Nsimba Valene?

I’m a young woman trying to get the best out of this life and the opportunities that are out there. But most importantly, someone who aims to make an impact in this world and inspire a new generation to go after their dreams no matter where they are from. Everyone has a story and every story is worth telling. It’s nothing more than this. I guess this summarizes what made me and what my intention is in this life, and with everything I do.

When did the idea, for Libaya first come to you?

That’s a long story, or a lot of different stories, haha! But I can summarize the journey in two short stories.

One side is just seeing my mom, the way she dresses and carries herself. She actually makes most of her clothes herself, and always told us that if you can’t find something, you should make it yourself. So she has been my biggest inspiration.

But the idea really came up when I got tired of all the style trends or fashion stories I would see in magazines. Most of the time, they would be written from a western point of view.

I want to show the world that there is so much more to the global book of style, and Africans or African people have always been part of it.

That’s why the brand is challenging the perspective of fashion made in Africa by not only using African prints or the typical African elements people would expect, but it still carries an African story at heart.

For Libaya, I want people to think about simple items but always with an elegant twist and detail. Details vary from bare shoulders to elements on the sleeves or details such as ruffles. Which are things that will always come back.