As a minimalist brand, will there be a break into more contemporary street wear pieces?

It’s too early to box ourselves, but whatever we do we will always stay true to our brand identity.

In terms of palette choice, the brand has a penchant for earthy hues. Why?

Not all of our pieces are earthy. It’s always warm in Nigeria, so we chose fabrics and tones that are ideal for such conditions. We turn to linen and soft silk in lighter toned colors.

Will 87Origins move into footwear production and if so, will they possess the same element of simplicity?

Yes! Footwear production is somewhere in our future but as we’re still a brand in its infancy, footwear production is not something we’re focusing on right now.

Has 87Origins thought about collaborating with other brands, if so what brands would you collaborate with?

We haven’t really thought about collaborations at the moment but when we do, it will be with one of the very many talented Nigerian brands. It could be a footwear collab or even clothing.


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