There’s something about the lucidity and comfort of streetwear that makes it a favorite for many. Although 87Origins doesn’t consider itself a streetwear brand, the brand’s utilitarian designs, and cool hues will catapult this Lagos-based brand to cult status very quickly. Founded by Tiwa Osibodu and Tolani Tubi, simplicity and wearability are a major part of the 87Origins mantra. The brand’s easy to wear looks aren’t the only appealing thing about the brand, flexibility and affordability are also big factors. With price points that retail between N5,000 – N17,000 and unisex clothing options, 87Origins is a brand to watch. In an Interview with The Style HQ, the brand breaks down their ethos, demographic and what the future holds.

Why did you decide on the name 87Origins?

Both founders are born in 1987 and decided to name the brand after the last two digits of 1987.

What inspired the decision to make streetwear?

We actually don’t consider 87Origins a streetwear brand, instead, it’s a brand that creates utilitarian, detail driven clothing. Our clothes are easy to wear, easily allowing the customer to inject his or her personality while styling the pieces.

Price is a matter of perception, but would you refer to your brand as affordable? If so, what inspired the decision to keep your clothing at the price point it is now?

We definitely consider ourselves an affordable brand. The decision to keep our prices reasonable was based on the gap in the market for good quality, attainable and functional clothing.

Who is the ideal target demographic for 87Origins? Is your brand tailored to just millennials?

When 87Origins started, our goal was to create versatile clothing and as a result, it has appealed to a wider range of people. We don’t necessarily have an ideal target market.

Our vision has always been to make timeless, carefully constructed clothing for both sexes, irrespective of their age.