Prayer connects you to your truth, and this space will be used to share quotes, poems, images and soundbites that keep us in line with our core.

As we join our muslim brothers and sisters to celebrate the close of the holy month of Ramadan we share a beautiful poem written by Muslimah Style Guide – a creative development agency that offers a unique sense of image and style development for women who are advocates of simplicity. Their website is a stylish hub for women on the topics of food, fashion, business and religion. Above all the Muslimah Style Guide group offers us a refreshing view on making simple and sustainable decisions when it comes to finding your style and your self. What better way to begin the Prayer series than with a beautiful poem we love shared by the MSG Ladies.

Do you want to know the ultimate image hack? We won’t be selfish, we will share. 

It is knowing you are a Master Piece of the Master of all things seen and unseen, Allah!

When He created you, He did not define you by the shape of your nose or the dimples on your cheeks, neither did he define you by the curves of your body or your super curly hair

Why then do you look at another and suddenly see your features as flaws?

Why then do you to fit into a man-made box that is ever changing?

The unpending quest for material perfection, using imperfect resources. A definite road to self destruction.

It’s time to jump off that train sister 

Originals are priceless.

Originals in submission to God are unstoppable.

Do you know who an original is?

An original is YOU!

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