Everybody needs a little direction now and then in their life, but getting a life coach is something different. This is someone who will literally help you sort out the knots and kinks so that you are moving along your life trajectory with satisfaction and fulfilment. Life coaches help their clients with all manner of things: feeling stuck or demotivated, stress, unhappiness, finding their true calling, finding things they are passionate about, moving out of a comfort zone and more.
We thought it would be helpful for this month of glow-getting to solicit some advice from a life coach to help our busy gals with their own life trajectory. Here’s our interview with Tolu Olupanga of Raising Champions, a life coach dedicated to transforming the lives of others.
What’s it like being a life coach?  
Personally, life coaching gives me an opportunity to connect more with people and understand what drives every individual to succeed or fail. Being able to help people be a better version of themselves, look deep within to explore their gifts and use it in a way to positively impact their world,
it’s more of a deep spiritual awakening and transformation of the whole being. What gives me the most fulfilment is seeing a client achieve their desired outcome. When a client gets their desired outcome, I am fulfilled.
As a life coach, what kind of people do you see?
I am particularly drawn towards young girls and boys, young adult women and middle aged women. I presently run Girls Connect Africa and Teen Champions Club (a co-curricular enrichment club where we teach girls how to develop their inner glow and be a positive role model to their peers). We teach simple crafts, organisation skills, leadership/entrepreneurship skills and family life skills in primary and secondary schools in Lagos. 
Young adult women (btw 20-30 yrs old) who are ready to break boundaries and raise their standards to achieve personal goals: career, business, relationship, self growth and lifestyle transformation.
Middle aged women, who are looking to start a business or seeking a total transformation or growth in a specific area.
How do you help these people?
Every individual has his/her own unique and specific need that will transform his/her life. I work by understanding what a client needs, through identifying where they are presently, clarifying where they need to be and then drawing up a vision to suit their needs. Each person is provided with personal transformation tools to help his/her stay focused and achieve the desired outcome.
Why might a glow getter (or anyone else) need a life coach?
Everyone at some point needs a little help to get going. You may feel stuck, need to make decisions on certain things, want to create a new lifestyle around your health, finance, relationship, business or are just looking to create a life of purpose and fulfilment. Life coaching helps you take your life from being good to great! You get so energized to be more and do more! Even when you want to quit there’s someone pushing and pulling you, holding you accountable to yourself. A life coach is just more committed to your success than you may ever know. 
Can you give us 5 tips that can help us get our lives moving forward in the right direction: 
1. Clarity: Get really clear on where you are and where you are headed. 
2. Mindset: Remove every form of doubt or negative self-talk on your path.
3. Plan: Write down the things you want to achieve.
4. Act: Commit to taking daily steps towards it.
5. Own it! Every step you take is yours. Celebrate the little wins. In the end you alone know what it means to you!
*Photograph by Self Magazine