If we wanted to do one yoga pose in the morning just to get us going what would you recommend?
Downward Facing Dog – it helps elevate the mood, stretch the back and the legs as well as strengthen the shoulders, the core and front of the legs. To get your blood flowing try downward facing dog with one leg up, aka “One Legged Dog”. Just make sure to keep your weight in your hands and your head relaxed.
Tell us a bit about your event on the 11th of March
The “Sail Away” yoga retreat is happening this Saturday, the 11th of March and it’s the second time I’m taking an intimate group to Ilashe. Last year I was fascinated with beach yoga but I wasn’t aware of the months that constituted the rainy season so I couldn’t plan properly. The theme for this retreat is “Rewrite Your Story”. I will guide us through a process of looking at our limiting beliefs and old stories so we can have a more liberated view of ourselves and our lives. It should be quite fun and transformative. Anyone interested can email me nsaevolves@gmail.com (before March 10th to make sure there is a spot).
Do you have anything else in store that we might be excited about? 
I am planning the first ever 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Lagos soon for those interested in becoming a yoga teacher. Limited scholarships will be given through Proud Journey Foundation to low income women. I can’t wait to share a professional yoga training of international standards in this part of the world – it will be an epic experience.
Nsa is also the founder of Proud Journey an NGO which creates jobs for women who are rising up out of poverty. To find out more about Proud Journey click here. You can also find out more about Nsa here.