Yoga means so many different things to many people, what does it mean to you?
Yoga is a mindfulness practice to me. A big reset button. It’s also a physical exercise that combines alignment and focused breathing in the body to achieve incredible things.

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You were certified out in California. What was the process like? 
Yes, I was certified in Los Angeles and it was a very rigorous process since it was a 200 hour Yoga Alliance standard training. It took 3 months of intensive training every weekend to get all 200 hours done.  I got to train with some very skilled teachers who specialized in things like prenatal, anatomy, and Iyengar style yoga. It was really life changing.
We love beauty here at StyleHQ. Do you have any natural or other remedies or things you use as part of your daily routine? 
Green superfood smoothies give me life. I am so enthusiastic about them that I have started to include green smoothies in my private sessions. Green smoothies have the antioxidants and high nutrients to keeping my body detoxified. I am also mindful that whole foods, not chemicals enter my body.
We noticed that you are a part time raw vegan. Tell us a bit about that. Did doing yoga have anything to do with your dietary choices?
I spent a little time as a detox specialist in LA and I learned so much about eating an alkaline diet to prevent diseases. The opposite of alkaline is acidic and that includes meat, dairy products, coffee, and alcohol to name a few. I lived the raw vegan lifestyle for about three months, which some would say is extreme, but I felt wonderful so I try to maintain that lifestyle even if it’s for half of the day or four days a week. Yoga did not really influence this choice but yoga did raise my awareness on what I put in my body.