We are always interested in sharing the latest wellness news and discoveries with our readers at Style HQ. So, when we stumbled upon Nsa Ntuk, a certified yoga practitioner and part-time vegan here in Nigeria, we decided to interview her to find out more about being a yogi and what yoga has to offer to us here in Lagos.

So Nsa….

Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in Southern California as the youngest of 5 kids. My childhood was filled with sports – I loved soccer (a.k.a. football here) and I played everything from basketball, swimming, tennis and although I am shy to admit, I even played badminton.  I also went to UC Berkeley, studied social welfare and went straight into social services by working at a rehab center right out of college. So, I have always been helping people.

What drew you towards yoga? How long have you been practicing for?

I discovered yoga about 9 years ago and I was drawn to it at a very stressful period in my life. I was pursuing a career as an actress in the most competitive industry, Hollywood (i.e. people are doing ridiculous things to get ahead), and when you have integrity and are not willing to cut corners, you have to work a million times harder. Plus there’s a lot of daily pressure to find auditions, book them, have the perfect body, get the perfect headshots etc., so I turned to yoga to find stress relief and of course for the body – everyone wants a yoga body. But more than anything, yoga helped me move with grace when life was anything but graceful.

You used to be an actress. What was that like? Why did you make the switch?

Like I mentioned it was very stressful when you don’t cut corners. I know from the outside looking in, it seems glamorous, but the reality is that acting is the job with the highest unemployment rate in America.

The switch was a natural transition as I was getting quite passionate about my yoga bag project here in Nigeria (Proud Journey) and I wanted to include yoga in my events but I could not find a teacher. Yoga also matched my values better since it is an empowerment practice with amazing health benefits. It is a tool that is beyond exterior looks, and more in line with my background of helping other human beings.