Mental health all over the world is slowly gaining recognition as a very important facet of well-being. From dealing with beauty standards to societal pressures, sexism and the lot, the black woman is prone to anxiety and depression. Although lack of information, cultural awareness and stigma make it more difficult for affected people to seek help, there is a growing awareness of its presence in our society.

This is why covering projects like ‘Unmasked Women’ is very important to us. Unmasked Women is an exhibition channeling the Black-British female experience through creatives. The first theme is health and well-being and features an in-depth exploration of mental Health. In order to spark a much needed conversation on the topic, the exhibition aims to showcase the work of several artists in order to create a platform for discussions on mental health.

Here are some of the works that were showcased at the exhibition.

We are glad to see that such things exist and look forward to the upward progression of this cause. A percentage of the show’s proceeds will also go towards a collaboration with Cool Tan Arts–an arts in mental health charity that supports adults with mental health conditions.