If you love African food, grew up on it, had it at the last party you went to but don’t quite know how to cook it or know how to but really can’t be bothered to slave over it for hours – then Pepper & Stew have got you covered. With their ready made sauces-in-jars, they’ll have you whipping up Egusi stew and Jollof rice in no time.  

The brainchild of Zimbabwe born Racquel Mafura-Roberts, Pepper& Stew was born out of her childhood -being raised by her grandma and aunt,  cooking Sadza – a Zimbabwean delicacy as early as 12 – and the life experiences she garnered moving to the UK.

“My biggest influence in my cooking journey and the decision to start an African food company has been my fellow African friends here in the diaspora.I started Pepper and Stew to introduce African food to people who’ve never tried it, to offer fans of African food a place to try more of it, and to simplify the process of cooking it.”

Their first range of West African inspired sauces include a Jollof, Egusi Stew and Palm Nut sauce. They also come handy with recipes at the back to start you off with your cooking as well as other recipe suggestions for those not familiar with African food.