Creativity allows for boundless opportunities and it’s always good to see people harness their’s and make something of it. 22-year old London-based Mimi Shodeinde expresses her creativity through interior architecture. She developed a passion for art at a young age and became fascinated with the endless possibilities that it could present her with.

In this brief chat, she tells us about her brand–Miminat Designs, where it stemmed from and what she intends to do with it.

Talk to us about yourself and what you do.

Well currently, I am working for an interior architecture firm in London, and on the side of that, I am building my furniture and interior architecture company called Miminat Designs. I’m in the process of launching my first collection called the Karamat Collection which should hopefully be complete this coming Fall. I have recently just launched a non-profit charity foundation called SHE.creates with my best friend. It is all about cultivating creative talent in women through education. We aim to fund the education of five girls every year across several developing regions through various art events. It’s something that I’ve been working on for a long time so I’m very excited to see it all come to life.  When I am not doing my day job or working on Minimat and my charity, I do a lot of freelance design work and enjoy painting and yoga in my free time.

Tell us about Miminat Designs. How did it come about?

Miminat Designs is an interior architecture and furniture studio which I started in 2015. Right now, I am based in the UK but looking to expand my brand and project range to Africa and the US.  I started the company whilst studying at Edinburgh. I really didn’t think anything would come out of it as I just enjoyed sketching and designing furniture. I would spend my evenings after class, drawing every idea that came to my head. I think I must have ordered every furniture/architectural design book dating from the 1920s and studied all the great pioneers such as Mies Van Der Rohe Charles, Ray Eames, Le Corbusier, Marcel Bruer and many more.  I really just fell in love with furniture and the deeper meaning and beauty behind it. Good furniture is art and I was determined to create artist-sculpted pieces. I guess that’s how Miminat manifested.

The company specialises in furniture and product design for commercial and residential projects both in the UK and internationally.  The philosophy of Miminat is simple; it is to constantly innovate, explore and push the boundaries of the furniture and design world. Furniture has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of history and Miminat uses my creative expertise in fashioning work that observes the antithesis of time and method resulting in newfangled arrangements.