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This week,

Militants willing to negotiate with Federal Government


Militants in the Niger Delta region have declared a ceasefire and have committed to negotiating with the Nigerian Government. In the short-term, a ceasefire will see an uptick in Nigeria’s oil output if production operations in the area return to normal. Read more here.


10 Memorable things for Africa at Rio 2016

africa olympics

It’s been a great year for Africa at the Olympics, and these are some of the highlights so far. See here.


Uber Plans a Self-Driving futureuber

Uber annouced that they will begin testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh in a matter of weeks, allowing people in the city to hail modified versions of Volvo sport utility vehicles to get around the city. Read more here


The Night Tube, London 


Bye bye Uber and the night bus, TFL have introduced a 24 hour underground tube service that runs across most lines. Read more here.


Naira Vulnerable to Further Losses


A research analyst at Forex Time says that stock markets have been surging higher, and explains the implications of some of the economic policies that the Federal Government has implemented. See more here.


Gender Pay Gap Increases 


Women who return to work part-time after having a baby continue to earn less than men for many years afterwards. Reports say that the pay gap has increased to 33% over the years. Read more here.


Lassa Fever Returns


The Delta State Ministry of Health has confirmed one person dead and 32 others on surveillance following the reported case of Lassa fever. See more here.


Trump Changes Tone on Immigration  

donald trump

Donald Trump is shifting the tone that he initially started on about immigration, saying that he wants to come up with a plan that is ‘really fair’ to illegal immigrants in the country. See full story here.


Nigeria wins Bronze Olympic Medal


Nigeria saw a dominant performance that won a bronze medal on 2016 Rio games. They won the match against Honduras in the men’s football by 3-2. Congratulations to them. Read more here.