On what other careers in fashion she would be interested in pursuing.

While making money by consulting is still (and always will be) on the table next to fashion content production, I easily see myself teaching most areas of fashion. I like sharing knowledge.



On what needs to change in the Nigerian fashion industry.

That would be the misconception about “branding” by most Nigerian designers, especially the high-end ones. Their brands are often communicated, not just by words but also their actions, as non-relatable and unreachable in their quest to be exclusive. Some are even blatantly snobbish.

A brand can be luxury and exclusive but with a personality that makes even a low or average-income earner relate to it and aspire to it. It’s that connection that will make this not-so-rich person save every kobo he or she has to buy one item from the brand. To put it simply, Nigerian designers need to know that “branding” is about selling a personality.


On what lessons she can teach young people interested in fashion-related tv content production.

To thrive in TV content production, one must be able to think on one’s feet. There is not always time to linger over an idea or dwell in your “creative process” waiting for inspiration. Inspiration must come, ideas must flow, and this must be immediately.


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