On what her typical work day consists of.

It varies. Some days I keep up a round of correspondence, do some research, and see to the editing of shows already shot. Other days I’m on set shooting designers and their exclusive collections for Runway Fiesta, or shooting fashion and beauty experts and enthusiasts for Style 101. What is typical of any workday however is the constant thinking and creating, it never stops.


On the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of her job.

The most challenging aspect would be dealing with difficult people. The most rewarding aspects are: one, seeing your ideas come to life on screen; two, getting to see what “fashion people” are really made of beyond the hype. I’ve had well-hyped people on the show who were not able to intelligently discuss a topic (of course you edit to make everyone look good) while low profile people proved to be the enlightened ones. I find this access beyond the veil of ‘hype’ personally interesting.



On how she deals with the aforementioned difficult people.

I simply let them be. You really can’t make people be kind or professional. So when I come across a difficult person, I don’t break a sweat. I let them be difficult but I know I would never work with them again and have a drink to that!


On the proudest moment of her career.

My proudest moment so far was when I worked at Flip My Look as a Fashion Advisor and saw my input benefiting the company in ways that were evident. The progress could be seen in numbers and figures as opposed to just an assumption.