To many individuals, the word “fashion” immediately rings up ideas of glitz and glam. However, for those who do all the arduous work behind the scenes to make the surface happen, we know it goes far deeper than the superficial. Damilola Idowu is one of the many who work behind the scenes to make fashion happen. She started off at Lisa Folawiyo (then Jewel By Lisa) as an Intern, a position from which she worked her way up to becoming the brand’s Quality Control Manager and Creative Assistant. From there, she went on to receive an MBA in Fashion Business and currently, she works for Spice TV as a Content Producer for their Style 101 & Runway Fiesta programs.

In this chat with TheStyleHQ, we get some inspiration from her beginnings in the industry, learn how she got into fashion content production and more.


On how she got started in the fashion industry.

Having always loved fashion designing (that was my first understanding of fashion), I was quick to shove away my BSc in Political Science after school (University of Lagos) for an internship with Jewel by Lisa in 2009. Soon enough, I became Lisa Folawiyo’s Creative Assistant and I was also in charge of Quality Control.

Working with JBL gave me the opportunity to read a lot about fashion (she had so many books) and I became more intrigued and interested in what makes fashion tick as opposed to designing.

After a couple of years at JBL, I left for Paris to obtain a MBA in Fashion Business at IFA Paris. During my MBA, I devoured everything and anything there was about fashion and graduated second in my class. Soon after my MBA, I got a job as the Fashion Advisor at a French mobile fashion retail company named Flip My Look.



On deciding to move back to Nigeria.

While working at Flip My Look, I became more and more aware of the growth of the fashion industry back home and soon became restless in Paris.

Eventually, I quit my job to move back home with the plan of continuing what I was doing in Paris (fashion advising) but to multiple brands instead of an exclusive to one brand. While trying to make ends meet in the challenging task of putting a price on services in Lagos, I was offered my present job.


On getting started in the fashion content production.

SPICE TV was rebranding and I was offered a job as the Content Producer of two major fashion shows named Style 101 (which is a fashion talk show) and Runway Fiesta (which is a catwalk show). They were making some changes and they needed producers with a better understanding of fashion. If I’d been told a week before I was offered the job that I would be a TV producer, I wouldn’t have believed it. It was never in the plan but the offer was made and I love taking on challenges and trying new things so I took the job.

SPICE TV's Runway Fiesta

SPICE TV’s Runway Fiesta