As a glow getter, life can get pretty hectic and sometimes we just need to schedule in mini rituals or whole day rituals to ground and/or relax ourselves before the week ahead or the rest of the day.

Rituals will help you connect with yourself and help make you fill more centred and fulfilled as you are essentially taking time out to do activities that boost you. Not only are they relaxing and grounding, but they will also help to create good habits that are beneficial to you in the long run.

Rituals are made up of a series of actions/habits that can be performed as regularly as you like, or if time doesn’t permit you, once every so often. The simpler a ritual is, the more effective it will be and the more likely it is that you will keep doing it.

They can be anything from having a morning coffee with a pastry, to meditating for 10 minutes or you can have whole day ones that include things like face masks, morning yoga, taking a stroll, reading, watching movies and washing your hair.

Creating your own ritual is easy, just think about the things you like to do that are relaxing and/or grounding and do them in a given time frame for a set number of times per week/month.

Here are some examples of rituals:

Morning Rituals 

Exercise + Grab a Smoothie + Write a To Do List (Top 3)

Grab a Coffee + Read

10 Minute Meditation + Have a Cup of Tea

Whole Day Rituals 

Morning Yoga + Read + Hair Day + Facemask

Go For a Walk + Take a Relaxing Bath + Make Breakfast + Watch a Movie

Drink Lemon Water + Stretch + Listen to Music +  Get a Massage + Write In Your Journal

Not all rituals have to be done in the day time. Here is an example of an evening ritual to relax and ground you before the next day.

Evening Rituals 

Disconnect from Work + Relax + Review Your Day + Sleep Early