Say No To:


Dairy: Dairy isn’t allowed on the Paleo Diet so use alternatives such as tiger nut, almond or other nut-based milks and coconut milk.



Grains: This might be hard for us to do, no more jollof rice? This also rules out a couple of swallows such as wheat and semolina/semovita, but leaves in amala, eba and pounded yam. Thankfully and most of the soups (efo riro, ewedun, okra, egusi etc). Other grains that aren’t allowed are oats, wheat, millet, rice, even if it’s brown or ofada rice, and maize.


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Legumes:  This means no beans and any products made from beans, therefore no moi moi or akara as well as no peas, no soy, no lentils, or any other type of food classed as a legume.



Processed Foods: Processed foods are foods that have deviated far from their original form and are usually mixed in with additives, preservatives, sugars, fats and salts, all of which contribute to inflammation and an unhealthy waist line. And seeing as our ancestors didn’t have any ways to process our foods to the point that they are processed now, processed foods, snacks, beverages and artificial sweeteners are a no no. Sadly that means we have to say good bye to some of our favourite snacks such as puff puff and all those soft drinks.



Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed on the Paleo Diet. Not only are they calorie bombs, but they are made with different ingredients including sugar and grains like barley which aren’t in line with the diet.


As with every dietary pattern, we recommend you find out what works for you. Each dietary pattern consists of  guidelines set to optmise your health. Whichever one you choose, if it doesn’t work for you leave it and if it does enjoy it as eating healthily is a lifestyle not a prison sentence.

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