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Credit - Journey to the Goal

Meats: Everything here is pretty much fed a natural feed, whether its grass for the cows, goats and rams or corn / mixed feed for the poultry. The Paleo Diet has more protein in it than a typical modern day diet. So here are the meats we have here that you can eat: chicken, quail, guinea fowl, turkey, rabbit, pork, beef, ram, goat, fish, snail, crab, crayfish and shrimps. No processed meats though so that rules out corned beef, spam and hot dogs, 



Fresh Fruit & Veggies: We are blessed with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, (mangos, papaya, green plantains, okra, pumpkin leaf etc.) which is good, because if you are planning to go Paleo you will need these, as your carb content will come from complex carbohydrates, which are mostly vegetables. All fruit and vegetables are paleo so tuck in, but don’t overload on high starch vegetables and fruits high in sugars as that can cause some people to gain weight.



Eggs: All of the eggs!!! Quail, guinea fowl, chicken and duck eggs.



Nuts and Seeds: All of the nuts and seeds, but sadly not our national favourite groundnut as it’s technically not a nut but a legume, and these are non-paleo.



Healthy Fats/Oils: Olive oil, coconut oil, red palm oil (not the refined stuff), avocado oil, grass fed butter, avocados and cacao butter.