The Paleo Diet is a modern dietary pattern that mimics the feeding habits of our pre-agricultural ancestors; the hunters & gatherers. They earned this monicker as prior to agriculture, eating consisted of only what could be hunted or foraged for. The main philosophy of the diet is that human bodies are genetically adapted to eat certain foods that existed before the advent of farming. It recognises that there is a strong link between cultivated foods (such as grains), dairy and processed foods, and illnesses such as obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure. heart disease and more.

So what does the Paleo Diet look like compared to a standard diet today? Think more high quality meat and nutritious foods, less carbs, increased fibre, less sodium, balanced acidity and more nutrients.

Here in Africa, we tend to eat a lot of grains which promotes inflammation in the body and affects the body’s insulin regulation negatively resulting in diseases like insulin resistance and diabetes. However, with wellness rising on the continent, we are paying more attention to what we eat and are more willing to stray away from our typically carb-laden diets in search of a healthier lifestyle, or at least, adapting it to more healthy ways of eating.

So you are interested in trying Paleo? Here’s what you can and can’t eat.