Describe yourself in 5 words.

Driven. Focused. Relentlessly Positive (lol I know that’s two words). Curious and I’ve heard I can be pretty intense 😂.

What do you do? Like professionally.

Primarily focused on fashion retail and design. We produce, promote and build platforms for African fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands. We are also beginning to produce original branded content for select clients in those and affiliated verticals, as well as limited fashion business/education advisory services.  

How do you achieve a glow getter lifestyle? In terms of wellness practices, inner beauty, mantras, spirituality, career projections etc. 

Honestly – I’m currently on a journey to get better at this. I struggled with sleep anxiety for the better part of the last two and a half years but I’ve been working on it with some meditation and my failsafe – reading lots and lots and lots. The only other thing I do is drink six litres of water a day (yes I’m always thirsty, yes I pee like a camel – but the glow is totally worth it).

Work wise, staying goal oriented is important to me – I have lists of lists of lists and I Google Calendar everything – meetings, calls, plans to plan and send myself countless Slack reminders, and crossing stuff off my Teuxdeux list = bliss. I’m a big fan of time boxing- it helps keep my day organised especially when I’m running several projects simultaneously; so even when it [my day] blows up , I know where to begin lol. I’m also a strong believer in strategic partnerships and a modified form of keiretsu – these informal but incredibly helpful business relationships create the best type of mutualism there is! 

What brands/people/places in Lagos help you achieve this glow?

Simply Green Juice and Carib Health fresh smoothies for when I detox.

FitKitchn for portion appropriate healthy meals.

Lekki Bridge for when I’m not being super lazy. 

And, ZAZAII Beauty Rooms for my hair (#WigLifeForTheWin), makeup, mani pedis and general #slay. 

Amali Cosmetics, Essie and Vane Polish for my pedis (I rarely paint my nails because I’m a disaster – they smudge in like 60 seconds). Miss Vimbai Beauty & My Lash Extensions 100% mink lashes (this is my new obsession – I finally learned how to put on strip lashes myself!!) Refinery Beauty Lounge when I want natural looking extensions.

Kui Care and Nature’s Gentle Touch for my bi-weekly steam, wash and braid at the Beauty Rooms and Hairven for my wig maintenance.

I USED to go to Lakshmi at Facial Bar and Lola Maja at Sacred Beauty, but … Buhari …. so I’m doing a lot of at home facials with Origins and DIY facials with honey etc.