June 24th 2016. Falana walks into the room rocking her signature fro and wearing a high-waisted pair of black fringed trousers and a white loose cropped shirt, both by Iamisigo.

falana music iamisigo

(Photo: Falana Music Facebook)

Falana set list is eclectic. Performing songs off her 2014 EP, Things Fall Together, and a number of well known-classics such as Lady by Fela Kuti, Feelin’ Good by Nina Simone and Sound of Music’s My Favourite Things, she captivates the audience with her voice – which honestly sounds almost better live than in studio recordings!

The thing with Falana is, she commands the stage like a confident artist who knows exactly what she’s doing (because she does). She instructs her talented band all while singing her songs live to perfection. But at the same time, she opens up to the audience even asking the crowd to help her come up with a name for a song that could possibly be on her upcoming debut album. That sort of bond with an audience can’t be faked. Giving music lovers a chance to hear a song and give a title to it based on how the song makes them feel.

Aside from clearly being gifted with her voice, Falana plays her acoustic guitar like a pro! But it’s when she brings out her cajón and starts drumming that the audience goes wild! Falana blends jazz, soul, afrobeat music with a heavy rhythmic and percussion influence.

If you’re in Lagos, make sure you don’t miss her next show (July 29th, location yet to be announced). This is the first of four (June, July, August & September) pop-up concerts. For ticket information go to http://www.falanamusic.com/uncoverd/