“Glowing Skin” remains high on the Beauty Goals list for both men and women alike. An inner glow is great. Feeling healthy makes us happy. Undoubtedly, an outer glow is just as important. Our appearance affects our self-esteem, which influences how we relate with others around us.

Below are a few tips to consider when Creating a Beauty regime for Beautiful Skin.


Effective skin cleansing requires use of a cleanser formulated specially for the face (not bar soaps). Bar soaps tend to be harsher on facial skin, distorting the natural acid base balance and eventually drying out the skin.

A mild face cleanser is recommended twice a day to thoroughly cleanse the pores of dirt, make up and bacteria.


Our skin cells have a life cycle. They eventually die and remain on the surface of our skin waiting to be sloughed off. Accumulated dead skin cells can clog up our pores, making us more prone to breakouts and also giving the skin a dull look and feel.

Exfoliation is aimed at getting rid of these dead cells. Exfoliation may be mechanical or chemical. In practice, we tend to lean towards chemical exfoliating products and techniques. These use plant based acids to gently break apart these dead cells, leaving smoother and fresher skin exposed.


The sun emits ultra violet rays which penetrate and cause damage to our skin cells. Our bodies, in an attempt to protect us from damage from the suns rays also produce more melanin pigment in sun exposed areas which can lead to uneven skin tone.

A sunscreen will protect you from potential damage caused by the sun, while helping to slow down the ageing process. Daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or above is recommended for everyone, regardless of sex, race or gender.


Our skin loves water. Hyaluronic acid, naturally found in our skin retains moisture. 1gm of hyaluronic acid can retain 6 litres of water! Water keeps the skin soft and pliable. As we get older, our hyaluronic acid quantity and quality is depleted.

We can replace this gradual loss with hyaluronic acid serums or hyaluronic acid facial treatments. Drinking 8-10 glasses or 4-5 little nestle bottles daily is a great way of providing moisture for your skin.


Vitamin C is a great addition to any beauty regime. Vitamin C is an anti oxidant (protecting our cells from damage) and a natural skin brightener. We obtain vitamin C from a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C may also be supplemented with vitamin tablets or vitamin C moisturisers and serum.


The skin heals and repairs itself when the body is at rest. With reduced activity as we sleep, our bodies can redirect focus to repairing the skin and slowing down signs of premature ageing.

6-8 hours sleep is the recommended time for an average adult.


Recognising bothersome skin conditions and seeking early treatment with a skin or cosmetic doctor will help prevent scarring that may be more difficult to treat.


Dr Uju Rapu is a Cosmetic Doctor and the owner and founder of Belfiore Medical. To find out more about her and her company go to her website or click here @belfiore_medical for their instagram account.