Bogobiri has become the ultimate poster child for pan-African hobo chill, where anyone seeking an alternative Lagos scene that feels more ‘authentic’ frequents at least once in a while. Between the art gallery, live music and events that happen on the regular, Bogobiri has taken us all hostage by its warmth to anyone coming through the doors in search of a relaxed night, with a decent dose of afrocentric vibes.

The menu at Bogobiri is simple with continental dishes because the chefs aren’t consumed by impressing us with excessive presentation. Instead, their goal is to serve us delicious food we can enjoy while participating in some other kind of activity- it’s all about the scene- the space. Since there’s something about Bogobiri we just can’t escape, perhaps it’s perfect that Creative Director of Iamisigo, Bubu and our very own Aisha Bello stopped by for lunch in black and white prisoner striped smocks. Iamisigo is all about the precision and detail through a minimalist aesthetic- and even though the detail in each item contrasts to the relaxed atmosphere of Bogobiri, we think the two go pretty damn well together.