The idea of slapping on floral prints or stripes to walls to quickly transform a room is always appealing. It is intimidating to have to cover entire walls with wallpaper, as there is the common misconception that using wallpaper on walls is outdated, far from the case. We’re glad to be living in a time so many chic, modern and gorgeous wallpapers are available, without breaking the bank.

That said, it is probably not a good idea to use wallpaper if you are living in a place temporarily (  renting an apartment or house) as it would not be worth it to pay for nice wallpaper only to have to move. However this post helps you though the blues of having to ditch your precious design time and cash by wallpaper creatively and on a smaller scale. These are all DIY projects, and should be pretty doable.


Wallpaper Rolls by Galbraith & Paul